History of Coleslaw
Wed, 21/08/2019

Traditional, well-travelled and tasty

The word “coleslaw”, which means “cabbage salad” emerged in the 1700s. Inspired by the Dutch term “koolsla”, the term was modified for the English language. In the early 18th century Dutch settlers flooded to New York, bringing this great recipe with them!

An original coleslaw recipe can be traced back to 1770, in the cooking book The Sensible Cook: Dutch Foodways in the Old and New World. Inside, the author attributes the recipe to his Dutch landlady. She mixed thin strips of cabbage with melted butter, vinegar and oil. The final dish was most likely delicious, crunchy and creamy (much like Naylors)!

Today’s coleslaw has evolved, with salads being dressed in a vinaigrette, sour cream or, our personal favourite, magnificent mayonnaise! Mayonnaise has its own interesting history, having been invented shortly after coleslaw. But, that’s a story for another time…


The consistent cabbage

According to one of the most-published cookbooks in America, The Joy of Cooking, raw cabbage is the only ingredient that tends to be present in the majority of coleslaw recipes. This is why we take great pride and joy in our cabbage farm, a primary source for that satisfying crunch you get with Naylors Coleslaw.

With cabbage at the core, the coleslaw is pretty much a taste tapestry from then on. Carrots are often seen amongst the delightfully creamy mix, and those with a sweet tooth have thrown in the odd piece of pineapple.

We’ve experimented with many coleslaw combos, and found that our mix of shredded cabbage, carrots and onions is the perfect collaboration. Especially when dressed in our secret mayonnaise recipe.


Coleslaw culture in Malaysia 

Coleslaw has been enjoyed by many generations in countries around the world. Now coleslaw is coming to Malaysia, and as advocates for high-quality food, we offer a premium taste experience with an added crunch.

Naylors Coleslaw is not only delicious, but it’s also halal-friendly and is a simple addition to any Malaysian meal.

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