Know your food

At Naylors, we cultivate a wide selection of cabbages including white, red, green, and savoy varieties.

And because cabbage accounts for almost 50 percent of our coleslaw salads, we only use Naylors special cabbages to showcase the variety’s naturally sweet flavour while providing the perfect, crunchy texture for an awesome coleslaw.

Uniquely-Made Mayonnaise: The Star of our Coleslaws

Our special mayonnaise is the fruit of our in-house chefs’ labour.

Designed as part of a unique recipe for our coleslaws, this mayonnaise coats the shredded vegetables evenly while retaining the smooth and creamy consistency of the vegetables throughout the shelf life of products without ever turning runny.

Our range of ready-to-eat salads are not only delicious but also time-saving! They are simply perfect for modern city dwellers looking to fix up quick meals for their hectic lifestyles.

A perfect side dish that isDelicious on its own as well!

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