Our Story

Quality assurance? Health and food safety compliance? You name it! Naylors has blended all the skills and ingredients necessary to deliver you the highest quality products and services you deserve.


We know our food right from the source.

Our products undergo meticulous processes to ensure consistency in producing and supplying premium, authentic British produce to our customers.


Delicious, Safe. Halal-Certified.

our commitments

As a family-owned business, we take great pride, care and attention in everything that we do.

Despite food shortages throughout World Wars I and II, the supply of food crops from Naylor Farms never stopped. The farm continued to supply crops to the UK market. This, we believe, stands as a testament of our commitment to our customers.

Value-Added Quality

Fully embracing our ‘farm to fork’ philosophy, you can be assured that at Naylors, we uphold the highest standards in the process of bringing you the best quality products. We also manage our supply chain effectively in order to cultivate cabbages and potatoes ideal for our premium salads. With the increasing awareness about food traceability today, we fully understand that as consumers, you have the right to know the source of your food and how ethically sourced is it. Therefore, to address your very real concerns about food source, Naylors is a vertically integrated company, which means that it has full ownership of its supply chain from the bottom to the very end.

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